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Here is what the collected materials of how I build this WordPress blog I will refresh this post time to time and I hope all these stuff is beneficial for you guys.

1.Hexo vs. WordPress

I planned to build a simple site with hexo at first. However I found that hexo is not convenient for me (Maybe I'll try to build a sub-domain with Github+Hexo some day). After a serious consideration, I found that Worpress might more suitable for me at this time.

2.Buy domain name and virtual machine

You can install XAMPP and WordPress locally on your PC like THIS.
But I still would like to buy a domain name on Godaddy for one year (26 USD) and a virtual machine on Laoxue Host for one year (186RMB). I installed the WordPress with Cpanel and finally was online at Mar 8, 2017.


Chinese people like to read on WeChat more than blog now and I hope to get a solution to make it possible for my friends to visit my blog from the port of WeChat. Thes I found this:
But you need to apply for a public account on WeChat at first.

4.Speed up your WordPress Site

Document 1:
Document 2:


Use plugin "Subscribe Form by Arrow Plugins"

6."Your password reset link is invalid" Problem

7.User role and permission

You can check here : Beginner’s Guide to WordPress User Roles and Permissions.
Administrator 管理员:拥有最高权限,管理整个WordPress后台的操作,为其他用户分配权限。
Editor 编辑:除了以上操作,还可以添加新页面,编辑、删除已有文章和页面,管理上传和分类信息,管理评论信息,管理友情链接信息等;
Author 作者:除了以上操作,还可以上传附件;
Contributor 投稿人:除了以上操作,还可以发布新文章,查看已有的文章和评论;
Subscriber 订阅者:登录WordPress后台、编辑自己的个人资料;

8.Login form

Edit login form
Use plugging "Custom Login"

9.Customizable WordPress login screen

Design a customizable WordPress login screen

10.Add a Back-to-top button

"Appearance"->"Edit" ->footer.php
add the script before the as follow:


How to Install and Setup WordPress CDN Solution – MaxCDN on your Site/span>

Create an API ID/Key Pair



Head Content
Head Content

12.2.List of LaTeX mathematical symbols

12.3.LatTex for WorPress

slash( your LaTex tags slash)

Document: LaTeX – Use of math symbols and equations
LaTeX – Use of math symbols and equations

12.4.Change Colour, size of text

Formatting text pt. 5: color, size, and font



pre lang="actionacripts" line="1">


12.7.SSL/TLS Certificate


At Jun 20, 2017, I transferred my theme from SimpleShift to Zanblog.Thanks a lot to YeahZan.
At Jun 27, 2017, I transferred my theme from Zanblog to Hexo, which I think correlated to

12.9.Syntax Highlighter

At Jun 20, 2017, I start to use the plugin Crayon Syntax Highlighter isntead of WP-Syntax. Crayon is really cool with plenty tools and themes. Thanks to Aram Kocharyan. The


pre class="lang:php theme:twilight mark:1" title="Tags of crayon">

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